How to get started in a gym

5 tips to get started in A GYM :

1. Goal setting – I want to…. x

Be it to shed some weight for an occasion, to gain some muscle to look good, for self love, to keep fit or to rehabilitate injuries ; having a goal is important because it keeps you grounded.

Penning down your goals will serve as a reminder as to why you first started this journey. Whether it is a note on your wall, a wallpaper or image on your phone. Next, research and plan your workout ahead of time. Example dedicating a workout towards legs for Tuesday, arms on Friday etc.

This will allow you to dedicate time and also be clear in achieving and being a step closer to your goals.

2. Bring a friend or loved one

Being in a gym might be alittle intimidating at first. Having a friend or loved ones along side with you can make coming to the gym less intimidating. Working out together can also make working out more fun and enjoyable.

As you enjoy the process, chances are you will want to stick to your workout plan and YES… another step closer to your goal.

3. Start small – Alittle goes a long way

When starting an exercise routine, you do not need to start with the most intense of workouts. It could be something as simple as, trying out and understanding each machine provided in the gym you are at.

Not only will this prevent intense muscle soreness (for some), it may also demotivate you from coming to the gym the following day/ the next time.

Even if its just a 30-minute low intensity workout, TURN UP & GET IT DONE. Consistency is important, but do not forget to rejuvenate yourself when you feel the need to. Fitness is a lifestyle and it could be your life time partner as well.

4. Tune in your favourite Music
Tuning in to your favourite music while working out helps you to ramp up the intensity, stay focused and drown out the distractions around you.

It also helps you to get in the zone, elevate your mood and helps your workout to be more manageable as you vibe with your favorite tunes.

5. Talk to a Personal Trainer

Turn your weaknesses into your strengths by seeking help. Having to get started in something new may already cause uncertainty, let alone trying to find a program that fits into your personal goals. 

Fret not! Talking or hiring a personal trainer may ease the brain wreck as good personal trainers will have a program customized specifically for you based on your goals. A knowledgeable personal trainer will also be able to help you fast track your goals, prevent injury and save you the hassle of planning your own program. 

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